My name is Primrose Everdeen. I’m in the 74th Hunger Games. Katniss and Gale’s plans to run away with our families fell to shame when they were both arrested, and I was reaped into the games. 
Rue’s my friend now, she’s helped me get this far. Each night in our little cave haven, she braids my hair and we exchange jokes. I’ve decided that I don’t want to grow up. I wish for peace between the districts. Rue and I are proof that we can all get along. It’s only the Capitol that stands in the way now. Being here isn’t too bad - until I became all alone in the arena.
On the 12th day of hiding, they found her; Cato, Clove and Marvel. We hadn’t heard about the blonde girl in days. Walking around on patrol for Rue while she searches for food isn’t the most ideal thing to do, especially the one day when you hear her screams piercing through the unnatural air.
Screams were multiplying, mocking the sound of her voice. My pin - the Mockingjays.  They’re torturing me and Rue at the same time. The screams are getting louder. Stronger. I’m getting closer.
From the tall grass, I see her beautiful short brown hair, lying on the ground. Crimson  liquid, the same colour as the drink that Effie drank on the train - is pouring onto the ground. 
Underneath the muffled sound of my sobs into Rue’s jacket, a twig snaps. 

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